vCenter as a vApp?

So I’ve been doing a fair bit of thinking lately on what I want my new virtual infrastructure to look like….

I’ve got multiple datacenters, with multiple clusters in each (differing hardware requires that) plus a dedicated VM testlab and I was thinking…. well probably best to have a vcenter in each.

My line of thinking was basically:

  • vCenter in each DC (in linked mode?)
  • Separate DB’s
  • Maybe template it?
  • Well the DB should be a VM too
  • Need to sortout the startup order…
  • Hmm what about a vAPP

Now it seems like a reasonable leap to me, but (correct me if I’m wrong), all the vApp detail is stored in the VCDB, if vCenter is unavailable… will the startup order of the vCenter vAPP work as expected in a HA event?

Time to test it in the testlab I think….

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  • Brian,

    I can’t recall if I ended up testing it for a vCenter vApp that was managing itself… But I did later use it when vCenters were nested on a separate mgmt vCenter instance.

  • Brian:

    I know this is an old post but curious if you ever tried this?

  • Great question… do you have an answer yet? :) Logically it would make sense to put my vCenter, it’s DC and SQL servers, vCloud Usage Meter, into a vApp since it is multi-tier. On the other hand, it seems paradoxical like the chicken and egg problem. Very curious to see what your result was. Thanks!

  • Abhishek Singh:

    Hi, this is very good question but I don’t think if vcenter is unavailable HA will take care for the sequential restart. Anything which is dependent upon vcenter would not be taken care by HA.

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