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Ansible, Cumulus, Dell & Nutanix: One big happy family :) – Part2

The road so far…

In Part1, we covered a few things.

  • Design goals etc,
  • Where this was born out of
  • The demo itself.
  • Getting KVM running on a Dell OpenNetworking switch
  • Starting Foundation VM on the switch. (kinda the cool part, rly..)

In tonights episode.

May acts like a tiger, Richard says ‘meow‘ and the I get down with Ansible…. So now I’m depressed I’m not powersliding supercars… but lets move on shall we?

First we’ll dive into the fabric provisioning playbooks showing you a bit more detail.

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Thoughts on Networking@Scale event

"it's not an open registration... please send mail to to get a code.

The invite.

When I received an invite to the Networking@Scale (@netatscale on twitter) a couple of weeks ago, I remember my reaction well “Fk yeh, no way! Wow it’s cool to be right-here-right-now” (excuse the profanity). I must confess, as a techy from the middle-of-nowhere (Perth), it was hard to not be a bit star-struck… and the event did not disappoint. It happened to directly conflict w/ another cool event I was looking forward to; Network Field Day 9, which my employer (Cumulus Networks) were part of this time. That was a shame to miss, but luckily following the tweets from both events lead to much hilarity. I’ll probably watch the videos later too. Read the rest of this entry »

Routed vMotion: Why?

Recently, a customer  asked me, “What are the limitations around vMotion across an L3 Clos?”. That question prompted me to re-raise the issue via a discussion I had on Twitter. This post documents my thought process on why vMotion at the routing layer is a requirement in the modern data center. Read the rest of this entry »

ObjectStore + vDAS = Win?

So this post start came about as a result of me fishing for some information from a fellow Engineer/Architect @ another cloud-provider, Kyle Bader (@mmgaggle). Basically, I’d seen a video about DreamObjects’ Ceph Implementation and picked up on a mention of using Coraid and was intrigued.

Kyle and I exchanged a few tweets and he questioned why I would use Coraid behind an ObjectStore platform…. so I thought I’d put my thoughts together and get some feedback. Read the rest of this entry »

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