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Ansible, Cumulus, Dell & Nutanix: One big happy family :) – Part1

Wow; that’s a lot of vendors in one sentence…

This post is basically to describe the demo I put together for a Nutanix/Cumulus webinar and presented at SF Network Automation meetup last wednesday(2/25/15). It seemed to have a good reaction, and I had fun building and presenting it. So why not share it more broadly? :)

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My VMware Test Environment

So I thought I’d share with you some background on the test environment I’m building, as I’ll be posting the scripts I’m developing to make it all happen… so a bit of context will hopefully help you.

My organization is currently going through a phase of massive expansion and as a result we’ve been given a little freedom to explore new technology and increase our knowledge and experience with VMware. To experiment with the new products and also to test changes to VM’s, we decided to build a small 2-node VMware cluster mimicking prod as closely as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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