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vHW Upgrade Risk Calculator v0.5

One of the tasks on my plate is to upgrade the virtual hardware of approximately 300ish VM’s. We need this done to support backup using the VDAP mechanism through Commvault.

My environment is politically pretty complex, and we have no agreed maintenance window; This creates an interesting situation for upgrades of this scale. So I thought I’d knock up a bit of a risk calculator to try and identify which VM’s are likely to experience trouble during the vHW upgrade.

This is the first part of the project and will help us do the first stage of grouping and outage scheduling.

The next part, which I’m developing now, is a script to clone a batch of VM’s to an isolated VM test environment (a pair of ESX servers, on a duplicate, but isolated LAN segment).

Once we have a running clone of each batch, I can use Update Manager to do the tools and vHW upgrade, then run a testing script over them. This process will allow us to catch out the problematic VM’s ahead of time and schedule their upgrade in a more closely monitored way.

So without further a due, Here it is: VI_vHW_Upg_cheatsheet.

Hopefully this is of use to someone :)

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